National Gathering of Christian and Muslim Leaders

Following on from our series of ‘Leaders’ events the Christian Muslim Forum is bringing together 25 pairs of Christian and Muslim ministers and imams and other local leadership. Those meeting at Lambeth Palace on 15 July will reflect on the means of strengthening engagement between each others’ congregations and with the wider community.

The event is hosted by Lambeth Palace, in association with the Christian Muslim Forum, and with the support of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB) and of Churches Together in England. Participants will be drawn in pairs from the same neighbourhoods and will include both those who have participated in one of the Christian Muslim Forum’s residential events and also those who have not yet engaged. We are excited at the prospect of being together at such an iconic venue and of raising the profile of better relationships between Muslims and Christians.

The programme will have the following elements:

a.. 1030 – 1100:  Arrival and registration

b.. 1100 – 1145: Opening address by Archbishop Rowan Williams; Introductions by Maulana Shahid Raza (Chair, MINAB), David         Cornick (General Secretary, CTE) and the Rt Revd Richard Cheetham (Chair, Christian Muslim Forum)

c.. 1145 – 1230: First group session: sharing mutual experience. Those who have current relationships will share their experience and means of extending engagement between members of their congregations. Emphasis on school students, mothers and families, retired generation and side by side working for the local community

d.. 1230 – 1315: Lunch and prayer time

e.. 1315 – 1400: Second group session: difficulties and how to overcome them. Those who do not yet have congregational relationships will share their perceptions of difficulties and obstacles with a view to their being addressed

f.. 1400 – 1430: Plenary session. Feedback from groups sessions

g.. 1430 – 1515: Third group session: recommendations to churches and mosques for future engagement. This session will build on a pre-prepared draft of a letter to mosques and churches commending and encouraging encounter for the common good

h.. 1515 – 1600: Plenary session. Open discussion of draft letter/statement on local Christian Muslim engagement

i.. 1600 – Conclusion and thanks

Invitations have already been sent to previous attendees. If you would like to attend please get in touch. We aim to have people attending in ‘pairs’. If you are not able to do identify a partner then we will look at pairing you up on the day.

The Leadership Series

This event is the latest in our series working with Christian and Muslim leaders, some of our previous  events:

a.. The first ever national imams and ministers event near Leicester in 2006

b.. Southern ‘Spritual Guidance’ event, November 2007

c.. Northern ‘Spiritual Guidance’ event, Day One, Day Two, April 2008

d.. Preachers Seminar, October 2008

e.. East Midlands events: Pilot, October 2008, Challenges of Citizenship, November 2009

f.. Friends and Neighbours, 30 June/1 July 2010

Other News

a.. News from the LIFE Project, more about our women’s project in Lambeth

b.. Lambeth Mediation Service, how to become a ‘Peace Ambassador’

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Julian Bond


Christian Muslim Forum

National Gathering of Christian and Muslim Leaders

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